Monday, March 7, 2011


Gitelman, D. R., A. C. Nobre, et al. (1999). "A large-scale distributed network for covert spatial attention." Brain 122(6): 1093-1106.

Fig. 6 Foci of activations in the temporo-occipital region. Filled circles (d) denote the locations found in the current study. The foci of activations in MT (E, G, C) and an area subserving movement-related knowledge (e) are taken from several previous studies (Zeki et al., 1991; Martin et al., 1995; Beauchamp et al., 1997; Dupont et al., 1997; Chawla et al., 1998).

 Spatiotemporal Activity of a Cortical Network for Processing VisualMotion Revealed by MEG and fMRIAHLFORS

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