Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TFR data

L_ACC/medial frontal G.

Cohen, M. X., K. R. Ridderinkhof, et al. (2008). "Medial frontal cortex and response conflict: Evidence from human intracranial EEG and medial frontal cortex lesion." Brain Research 1238: 127-142.

stimulus on at 0 s, GO cue at 2.2 s,
speed change onset at somewhere around 1 s

key pressed at 0 s

Peri-response, we also observed enhancements in lower band power(delta) following the desynchronization in the beta band. The pre-response beta and post-response theta changes look related to each other -- need to statistically verify this.


Beta oscillation suppressions around motor and supplementary motor regions have been linked to motor preparatory processes (Miller et al., 2007; Neuper et al., 2006; Pfurtscheller et al., 2003) and are thought to reflect decreased global neural coherence during the processing and planning of movements. 


Beta band power difference in preCun pre-stimulu


  1. These are looking very professional - almost figure quality.

    But what do they mean?

  2. researching literature now, write you back soon.

    BTW, the link to the excel sheet is just updated.